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Kip Temple Newsam

Johannes Kip after Leonard Knyff

Temple Newsam, the Seat of the Rt. Hon.ble Arthur, Lord Ingram Viscount Irwin in the West Riding of the County of Yorke

19 x 14 inches

A view of Temple Newsam and gardens in Yorkshire, one of England's finest country houses, issued in Johannes Kip's monumental topographical work, Le Nouveau Theatre de la Grande Bretagne.

The lands of Temple Newsam are recorded as far back as the Domesday Book but the house was not built until the early 1500s. Once completed it was clearly seen as a catch in the C16th because it was seized by the crown on two separate occasions: once in the 1530s when Henry VIII grabbed the house and beheaded its owner, Lord Darcy and secondly when Queen Elizabeth I seized it from Lord Darnley as a punishment for marrying Mary Queen of Scots. Subsequently the estate had a more settled time under the ownership of the Ingram family. The grounds were relandscaped by Capability Brown in the 1760s, so this print offers a fascinating insight into what the gardens looked like in their original form.

Many will be familiar with Temple Newsam today as one of the country's most fascinating museums under the auspices of Leeds City Council.


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