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Loggan: Eton

David Loggan

Collegium Regale de Etona Prope Winsor.

20 x 15 inches.

David Loggan both drew and engraved this scene, one of the most famous and early aerial views of Eton College to have been produced. A history of the college is given below the image along with a key to all the principal buildings.

David Loggan was a German artist and engraver of topographical views and portraits, mostly after his own design. He studied initially in Germany as a pupil of Henricus Hondius but soon came to England where he worked initially in London and then Oxford. He is perhaps best known for his extensive series of Oxford and Cambridge Colleges that remain highly sought after to this day. Forty plates were produced for his Oxonia Illustrata in 1675 and a further 30 were done for Cantabrigia Illustrata in 1688. He died in 1693 soon after this magnificent view of Eton College was completed.


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