Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Bonnefoy Children
Bonnefoy Children

F. Bonnefoy after W. Miller

Innocent Recreation.
Animal Affection.

15 x 12.5 inches

These prints are beautiful examples of the delicacy of tone achievable through stipple plate engraving. Whilst etching and cross-hatching brings weight to the structural elements of the prints it is in the stippling of the children's skin that these prints truly shine. In Innocent Recreation a young girl feeds grain to her chickens whilst in Animal Affection another young girl, possibly her sister, strokes a new-born puppy whilst the bitch looks adoringly at her mistress. These are the epitome of Georgian sentimentality and would have found their way into many a lady's bedchamber. They are exquisite examples of colour printing and the product of an accomplished engraver whose oeuvre was noticeably small.

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