Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Falconet Lady Nuneham

Valentine Green after Peter Falconet.

Elizabeth, Lady Nuneham (1746-1826).

15 x 24 inche

In this imposing portrait poor Lady Nuneham is dwarfed by both iconography and fabric. The delicacy of her hands and wrists are in stark contrast to the enormous urn to her left and the imposing pillar thrusting to her right. Above all, she is swathed in voluminous amounts of heavily brocaded silk in what must be one of the most elaborate dresses that money could buy. Meanwhile, dangling above her head some seriously heavy curtains threaten to engulf her, held in place with a tassel of impressive proportions! Such ornate surroundings befit the 23-year-old courtier who would later become a great favourite and close confidante of Queen Charlotte and serve as Lady of the Bedchamber for an astonishingly long stint from 1784 until 1817.


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