Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Lynch Dragoons

J. H. Lynch after M. A. Hayes

3rd (or, The Prince of Wales) Dragoon Guards
Heavy Marching Order

20 x 17.5 inches

A hand coloured lithograph by Lynch after Hayes; published in London circa 1840.

This charming study shows the Dragoon Guards at ease in barracks and not engaged in military action. The sub text reads "Heavy Marching Order", a term that implies the regiment is ready and prepared for action in the field. The Cavalry regiment was raised in 1685 and during the middle of the C19th when this prints dates from, they helped suppress the riots out in India and saw action out in Abyssinia. Michael Angelo Hayes was one of the many artists commissioned to record British military achievements both at home and overseas; a job that often required them to risk their lives by accompanying the regiment out onto the battlefield.


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