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Malton: Siege of Gibraltar

Thomas Malton after G. F. Koehler

GENERAL ELLIOT on the KING'S BASTION GIBRALTAR Septr. 13th 1782. Most Humbly Inscribed to the OFFICERS of the ROYAL REGIMENT of ARTILLERY

30 x 25.5 inches

An aquatint engraving by Thomas Malton after the drawings of G. F. Koehler, Aid de Camp and Master Engineer. Published in London in 1788.

George Augustus Elliot (1st Baron Heathfield) was a British army officer, born in 1717, who first rose to prominence during the Seven Years War but is best remembered for his gallantry during the great Siege of Gibraltar. In 1779 when Elliot was in command of the garrison at Gibraltar, the fortress was besieged by a combination of French and Spanish forces. It was the Spain's intention to starve the garrison and thereby gain control of Gibraltar. The siege lasted from 1779 until 1783 but reached its apogee on 13th September 1782 when the Spanish and French launched a grand attack involving 1000 men, 48 ships and 450 canons. Under Elliot's inspirational leadership the British retained control and the siege was eventually abandoned in 1783. Elliot was later knighted for his successful defence of the fortress and the bravery shown.


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