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Prince Albert: Dogs

Prince Albert after Edwin Landseer

Eos and Cairnach

18 x 14 inches

A scarce etching by His Royal Highness Prince Albert with the assistance of Edwin Landseer, published at Windsor castle in 1840.

Shortly after their marriage in February 1840 the Queen and Prince Albert received tuition in perfecting the technique of etching on polished metal plates. This was a shared pastime and the resulting etchings were printed in limited numbers on a printing press installed in Buckingham Palace or at Windsor. The images ranged from the Royal Children to favourite pets, as well as copying works in the Royal Collection. The Royal dogs “Islay”, "Eos" and “Waldman” were immortalised in this manner.

The etchings were only intended for private pleasure. In 1849 a London publisher was sued by Prince Albert for breach of copyright after he issued a catalogue offering a range of the Royal prints for sale. Each example is printed on the finest quality India paper and is dated and signed by either Victoria or Albert, or both when they collaborated. Examples are rare in private hands. They provide a charming insight into the personal lives of the Queen and Prince Albert. With increasing family and state responsibilities few etchings were made after 1844, but in total 62 plates are attributed to Her Majesty and 25 to Prince Albert. A background to these etchings is given in “Victoria & Albert, Art & Love” published by the Royal Collection, 2010, pages 431 – 433. Prince Albert’s etching tools are illustrated.


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