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Turner Horner Yorkshire Rose

Turner Horner Yorkshire Rose

Charles Turner after G. Horner

The Yorkshire Rose
This Wonderful Animal was bred by the late John Ainsley Esq. of Otterington House near North Allerton, Yorkshire and fed by Medd Scarth Esq., Carlton, near Stokesley

33.5 x 27.5 inches

Etching with additional aquatint and original hand colour; engraved by Charles Turner after Horner and published in Yorkshire, 1838.

This magnificent beast is one of the extraordinary cattle that were bred to enormous proportions and then taken on tour around the country for public admiration. The Yorkshire Rose was staggering 11 feet and 3 inches in length and 6 feet at the rump. At 4 years and 3 months old she weighed in at a monumental 221 stones. She is described as eating grass and hay and "Notwithstanding her amazing weight she is very active".

Some of these cattle (and to a lesser extent sheep and pigs) grew to such unwieldy proportions that they could not stand unaided and required specially constructed wooden supports to be placed under their bellies thereby preventing them from collapsing. People paid an entrance fee to come and see them and the climax of any fat cow's career would be an appearance at one of the London showgrounds where even royalty would attend!


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