Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Ward Chalon Setter

William Ward after Henry Bernard Chalon


24 x 21 inches

This print is offered in mint condition with strong velvety tones and great clarity of impression. The scene depicts Thunder, an old English Setter belonging to Peter Halliday of Carlton le Morland, a Domesday village in Lincolnshire. Armed with this information, we are safe to assume that the landscape is of rural Lincolnshire. A beguiling tower in the distance offers both a visual focus to the image and a tantalising hint to the precise location. The dog's pedigree goes beyond its beautiful markings and good breeding and extends to the calibre of artist, engraver and dedicatee. Ward was an exceptional engraver at the head of his game, Chalon was horse painter to the Duke and Duchess of York and Stubbs, well Stubbs was a behemoth of C18th sporting art. It is fascinating to see such prodigious talent and such a time consuming, expensive method of engraving expended on a canine sitter rather than the more usual lords, ladies and rear admirals!


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