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Bowles Naval EngagementsBowles Naval Engagements

Carington Bowles.

[Naval Engagements of Admiral Rodney]
A representation of the memorable action between the British Fleet under the command of Admiral Sir George Brydges Rodney Esq. and the Spanish Fleet commanded by Don Juan De Langara off Cape St. Vincent in the evening of 16th January 1780. In the above engagement which was in tempestuous weather and shoal water Sir George captured the Phenix the finest ship in the Spanish service and five more of the line... [&] A representation of the memorable action between the British Fleet under the command of Admiral Lord Rodney and the French Fleet commanded by the Count de Grasse between the Islands of Dominica and Guadaloupe 12th April 1782. In the above action was captured the French Admiral the Count de Grasse in La Ville de Paris of 110 guns...

19 x 13.5 inches

A pair of copper plate engravings with extraordinary watercolour and gouache colouring; published in London by Carington Bowles circa 1790.

George Brydges Rodney (1718-1792) was one of England's finest and most successful Naval commanders throughout the C18th. His extraordinary career began in the 1740s and continued until well into the 1780s. He was involved in the American War of Independence, the Relief of Gibraltar, The Seven Years War and the Battle of Saint Vincent. His astonishing success on the high seas was marred by fluctuating financial fortunes at home. Born into a humble family he acquired great wealth from prize money in the 1740s which enabled him to buy a country estate and pursue his political ambitions. With reckless ambition and a propensity to spend extravagantly, he was declared bankrupt in 1774 and forced to flee the country. He was actually in a French jail when war was declared between England and France in 1778. It is a testament to his prowess that a benefactor secured his release and brought him back to England where he was awarded a peerage, a pension, a new command and future triumphs at sea.

£1750 Pair

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