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Mac GolfersMac GolfersMac GolfersMac GolfersMac GolfersMac Golfers

George Douglas Machin

[British Golfers]

Sir Ernest Holderness
Roger H. Wethered
Dr. William Tweddell
Ted Blackwell
Major Hezlet
Cyril Tolly

8 x 11 inches

A set of six caricatures of British golfers from the 1930s illustrated by George Machin and published in the 1930s.

These amusing images were commissioned in the 1930s by the makers of the "Cotton Oxford" golf show. George Machin, or "Captain Mac" as he was fondly known was a veteran of the First World War who entered Fleet Street in the 1920s and became a successful cartoonist.

£685 Set of 6

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