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Hoppner: Cholmondeley

Charles TURNER after John Hoppner

Charlotte Countess Cholmondeley and the Hon.ble Henry Cholmondeley

15 x 25 inches

A full length mezzotint portrait of the Countess Cholmondeley and her son Henry, engraved by Charles Turner after the painting by Hoppner and published in London in 1808.

Charles Turner was born in Oxford in 1773 but moved to London where he became a pupil at the schools of the Royal Academy. His earliest datable plate was a print of John Kirby that was published in 1796. He went on to produce over 900 plates including over 600 portraits. He was, without doubt, one of the most eminent and prolific mezzotint engravers of his day with subjects ranging from portraiture through to military, marine and sporting. He is known to be a good businessman and published many of his prints himself from an address at 50, Warren Street, Fitzroy Square. From 1812 onwards he became mezzotint engraver to the King and in 1828 he was elected Associate Engraver of the Royal Academy. On most of his plates he etched the outline of his subjects prior to laying the mezzotint ground. He died in 1857.


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