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Lupton Phillips Byron

Thomas Lupton after T. Phillips

George, Lord Byron

9.5 x 14.5 inches

A half-length portrait of the famous romantic poet that was published in 1824, the year of his death. Byron (1788-1824) was at turns both infamous and inspiring. He managed to pack a huge amount into his relatively short life. He died at the age of 36 but leaves behind him a fascinating legacy of political achievement, extraordinary verse and a notorious personal life. He spent seven years living in Italy and whilst there immersed himself in the works of classical scholars, philosophers and poets. He scandalised London society by running up huge debts, entering into numerous love affairs with both men and women and embarking upon a particularly salacious liaison with his half-sister. Little wonder that his reputation continues to be controversial and evoke both disapproval and approbation in equal measure!

Thomas Lupton (1791-1873) was a mezzotint engraver of numerous subjects after his contemporaries. His career spanned the nineteenth century and although he started in the great tradition of engraving upon copper plates he became a great advocate of the durability and efficacy of steel. This portrait, however, is an exceptional example of the richness of tone that could only be accomplished by a highly skilled mezzotint engraver working upon a copper plate.


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