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Narcuard Reynolds Bartolozzi

Robert Samuel Marcuard after Sir Joshua Reynolds

Francesco Bartolozzi

14.5 x 16.5 inches

This charming portrait depicts the famous Italian born artist and engraver, Francesco Bartolozzi painted by his contemporary, Sir Joshua Reynolds. Bartolozzi (1728-1815) came to work in London in 1764 when Reynolds was in his ascendency. He would have been very aware of the power and influence that Reynolds could command over English society, so the commission of a portrait would have a very positive impact upon his reputation.

While most of Reynolds' portraits were reproduced in mezzotint it is refreshing to see an example executed in the more delicate method of stipple point. It is also very fitting as Bartolozzi is best remembered for his prolific output of highly decorative stipple engravings. On one occasion Reynolds was said to have praised Bartolozzi's rendition of one of his own portraits by saying: "The hands in my picture are very slight, but here they are beautifully drawn and finished, Mr. Bartolozzi having made them what they really ought to be".


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