Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Smith Kneller Howard

John Smith after Sir Godfrey Kneller

The Hon.ble Lady Howard

10½ x 16½ inches

A full-length mezzotint portrait by Smith after Kneller; published in London in 1697.

In this delightful image Lady Howard is caught reclining against a rock in a rural landscape. She wears a full-length satin gown with pear bracelet and pearl clasps at her bodice. Anabella Dives, as she was born, (1674-1728) became the 4th wife of Lord Howard who died in 1698 soon after this print was made. He was the son of the Earl of Berkshire and best remembered for his poetry and playwriting during the reign of Charles II.

John Smith was born in the early 1650's and is said to have died in 1742. He was taught the art of mezzotint by Isaac Beckett and by the early 1700s he had set himself up as a publisher of both his own work and that of others. He is particularly well remembered for his engravings after the paintings of Sir Godfrey Kneller, of which this is such a fine example. During his career Smith was very highly regarded by his contemporaries and Walpole considered him to be one of the most proficient mezzotint engravers of his generation.


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