Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Watson Reynolds Princess Sophia

Thomas Watson after Sir Joshua Reynolds

PRINCESS SOPHIA MATILDA Daughter to their Royal Highnesses the DUKE and DUCHESS of GLOUCESTER

13 x 13 inches

Sophia Matilda, the Princess of Gloucester (1773-1844) was the only surviving daughter of the Duke of Gloucester and his wife Maria Walpole. She never married but served as "Ranger of Greenwich Park". Reynolds painted this adorable portrait when the princess was just one-year-old. She is pictured with her arm around one of the royal pet dogs against a landscaped background. Thomas Watson was born in London in 1743 and died there in 1781. His earlier prints were published by Sayer. By the early 1770's he appears to have been working from Broad Street then moving on to New Bond Street where he set up in partnership with Dickinson. His style is bold and powerful, very similar to that of Dickinson with whom he worked. There is no evidence to suggest that he was any relation of the famous mezzotint engraver James Watson, although both were working in London at the same time.


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