Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Smith Hillyard Flying Dutchman

C. Smith after J. W. Hillyard

The Flying Dutchman

26.5 x 23 inches

The Flying Dutchman was one of the most celebrated race horses of his generation. He won the Derby in 1849 (the year this print was issued) with prize money of £6320 (about £360,000 today) Over four race seasons between 1848 and 1851 he won all but one of his fifteen races including victories in Doncaster in the St. Ledger Stakes, the July Stakes at Newmarket and several races at Liverpool. He was bred in 1846 by Bay Middleton out of Barbelle and was owned by The Earl of Eglinton. His final race, which he won beating the famous racehorse Voltigeur, is considered to be one of the most celebrated match races in the history of British thoroughbred racing. Once his racing career was over he went out to stud and produced an impressive progeny including Ellington, another Derby winner.


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