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McLean CaricaturesMcLean Caricatures
McLean CaricaturesMcLean Caricatures
McLean CaricaturesMcLean Caricatures

Thomas McLean

Living Made Easy
1. Charity Tubes to convey the smell from the Tables of the Rich …
2. Glass Covers for Noisy Children
3. Prescriptions for Scolding Wives
4. Body Fanner, Nut Cracker and Wine Helper for the Heats of Summer
5. Easy Way of getting through the Dreariest Day of December
6. Apparatus for Timid Horsemen

15 x 11 inches

These highly original cartoons are precursors to Heath Robinson with each one showcasing an ingenious invention designed to make modern (1830s) life that little bit easier. Each depicts a contraption or device to iron out so many of life's little niggles. Wives who nag their husbands, aristocrats who break wind and screaming infants are all dealt with in the most inventive way. All afficionados of Georgian prints will approve of the method suggested for dealing with the dullest December day. Simply instruct your valet to "run to the Haymarket and bring all the new caricatures".

Set of 6
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