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Rowlandson Doctor Gallipot

Thomas Rowlandson

Doctor Gallipot placing his Fortune at the feet of his Mistress thro' Physic to the Dogs

13 x 15.5 inches

Etching and aquatint on copperplate; drawn and engraved by Thomas Rowlandson and published in London in 1808.

In this splendid image we see a rather ugly doctor on bended knee before his attractive and somewhat astonished young female patient. The venerable doctor is declaring his love for the lady whilst gesturing towards a bottle that contains "Elixir of Life Drops". By offering her this potion he is promising her eternal life, presumably with him at her side: little wonder she looks so shocked! A strategically placed syringe suggests how he might be planning to administer the dosage. A footman stands behind a partially opened door amused at the unfolding scene.

Thomas Rowlandson was the master of satire during the reign of George III and excelled at etching, engraving, drawing and painting. He was equally accomplished at producing a serious portrait as he was at erotic caricature. There was a huge appetite for his prints and this image of a licentious doctor attempting to seduce his patient would have been very popular indeed.


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