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Sayer Bennett Drolls Sayer Bennett Drolls

R. Sayer and J. Bennett

A pair of mezzotint Drolls
1. The Elopement, or a Tripp to Scotland
2. The Return from Scotland, or Three Weeks after Marriage

12 x 16.5 inches

An amusing pair of mezzotint Drolls published by Sayer and Bennett in London in 1777.

These charming prints convey with great alacrity and humour the trials and trepidations of youthful ardour. In the first plate a young Beau assists his lover down a rope ladder from the first floor of her fashionable townhouse. It is night and nobody in the house is aware of what's afoot. A carriage awaits at the corner, ready to whisk the couple off to Gretna Green in Scotland where a clandestine marriage will take place. The accompanying plate shows us the sorry state of affairs once the hapless couple return to town. The mystique and romance have all but gone after a mere three weeks and the young husband appears unable to understand why his bride has turned her back on him. She appears oblivious to his entreaties and is clearly pondering upon the consequences of her actions. We are left to draw our own conclusions.

Such prints were immensely popular in Georgian England. Apart from their abiding humour they offer us an unrivalled glimpse into the fashions, furniture and social mores of the day.

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