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Tegg Friendly Thumps

Thomas Tegg

Friendly Thumps or a Recipe for Terminating Family Quarrels

18.5 x 15.5 inches

An etching in original hand colour; published in London by Thomas Tegg circa 1820.

The scene is a rustic cottage at lunchtime where a married couple have clearly been having a heated argument that has erupted into fisticuffs. Table and chairs are overturned, the lunch is ruined and the children are left cowering at the door. Luckily, a mediator has arrived in the nick of time and is parting the quarrelsome pair. With clenched fists he tells the man to "Be quiet you Brute!" whilst imploring the woman to "Hold your tongue you Vixen". We can only hope that his arbitration is successful and harmony is restored. Should we find ourselves in such a position and the phrases alone prove insufficient to make the peace we are given further advice on what to say next and encouraged to try the following exhortations: "Peace you Monster", "Have done you Termagant", "Hands off you Coward" and saving the best till last, "Retire you Virago".


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