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Carington Bowles Peace

Carington Bowles


9.75 x 14 inches

This charming image depicts an English aristocratic beauty sitting at her tripod table perusing a pamphlet entitled "Preliminaries of Peace". The tract refers to the Treaty of Paris signed at Versailles on the 20th January 1783 which brought an end to the American Revolutionary War. Representatives of George III met representatives of the United States of America and signed a peace treaty in which the British lost 13 of their American colonies whilst retaining jurisdiction of Canada, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Similar treaties were also reached with the Spanish and French. There are allegoric references to peace in the print including an olive branch upon the table and two doves entwined at the lady's feet. After such a long and expensive campaign in the American colonies many in England would have celebrated upon hearing about The Treaty of Paris. Drolls were very popular prints in the latter half of the Eighteenth Century; usually small scale, predominantly produced in mezzotint and always either humorous or sentimental in subject. They became a very popular way of decorating alongside more formal portraiture and topography and give us a fascinating insight into the fashions, furnishings and frivolities of the late Georgian era.


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