Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Lemercier Nudes

Lemercier after Lacour

Tableaux Vivants

16 x 12 inches

These exquisite tableaus of female nudes would have caused quite a stir when they were first published in the Victorian age and it is little wonder that they herald from Paris and not the more conservative London print market. Each vignette depicts a beautiful woman, naked save for a flimsy piece of drapery, and accompanied by symbolism that identifies her with a character from Greek mythology. We have Leda teasing the swan, Juno cooling off with her peacock feathered fan and Venus admiring herself in the mirror whilst reclining on her lion skin. Each portrait is set against a romantic rural background and, should things get too hot, there is water close at hand.
Images with shine from the gum arabic highlights


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