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Randon Classical NudesRandon Classical NudesRandon Classical NudesRandon Classical NudesRandon Classical Nudes

Claude Randon.

[Classical Male Nudes.]

8 x 13 inches

A series of 5 engravings depicting male nudes taken from the classical statuary in and around Rome; etched on copper plates by Randon and published in Rome in 1704.

The C18th saw an unprecedented resurgence of interest in classical antiquity. The architecture, sculpture, literature and art of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations were researched and re-evaluated as never before. Artists and engravers meticulously recorded what they saw and published their work in wonderful volumes that found their way into the libraries across Europe. In these striking statues we have examples from the Papal Palace on the Quirinale, the Palazzo Pighini, the Palazzo Farnese and the Villa Borghesi.

Group of 5
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