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London Burlington Fashions: Latest American Fashion 1928


The Latest American Fashion for Gentlemen
Spring and Summer 1928

From a series of chromolithographed plates produced by Burlington, a London based tailor, and illustrating a range of American fashions that were available on the market in the spring of 1928.

These plates would have been circulated throughout England, America and Europe and used to promote the new collections at a time when there was a huge interest in tailoring and fashions were changing rapidly from one season to another. Burlington was a London based firm and this particular selection of clothes promoted the very latest styles to have come over to Europe from New York. The illustrations were accompanied by detailed descriptions in French, German and Russian, depending upon where the catalogues were sent. They provide us with a wonderful snapshot of male sartorial elegance at the height of the jazz age.

The illustrations come with hints for the aspiring dandy: the sporting suit should be worn with wide knickerbockers and a pull-over is worn instead of a waistcoat.


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