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Claude Lorraine: Liber VeritatisLiber
Plate 11
Claude Lorraine: Liber Veritatis
Plate 31
Claude Lorraine: Liber Veritatis
Plate 33
Claude Lorraine: Liber Veritatis
Plate 124
Claude Lorraine: Liber Veritatis
Plate 188

Richard EARLOM after Claude LORRAIN.

A selection of mezzotints from the "Liber Veritatis", or "Book of Truth", published by John Boydell in London, 1777-1819.

Each plate c. 8½ x 10½ inches.

Claude Gellée of Lorraine (c.1600-82), along with his friend Nicolas Poussin, did much to popularise landscape painting. He toured around France, Germany and Italy, becoming very famous.

For each painting he completed he made a tinted outline drawing, marked with the name of the purchaser, not only to ensure he didn't repeat a subject but also to allow authentification of his work from imitations. Six bound copies of this catalogue raisonné, called the Liber Veritatis or "Book of Truth, were sent abroad, one of which now resides in the British Museum, containing 195 sketches.

John Boydell, publisher and Lord Mayor of London in 1790, commissioned Richard Earlom to reproduce the Liber Veritatis in mezzotint. These were then printed in rich sepia ink to imitate the original sketches.

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