Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Alken Yellowham Hunting

Henry Alken & Richard Reeve after W. P Hodges

Yellowham Wood, County of Dorset

26 x 21 inches

There is something mesmerising in the composition of this beautiful rural scene in Dorset. We are given an elevated perspective of a fabulous day out in the winter of 1834. A hunt is in full cry as the hounds surge up a knoll to the bottom right of the picture. The focal point of the image is a beautiful, blue landau from which smartly dressed ladies observe the sport. Dozens of huntsmen ride their horses through a plantation of impossibly small fir trees and because they are coming from all directions it gives the picture a very animated feel. As Yellowham Wood is situated just outside Dorchester it is safe to assume that this is the South Dorset Hunt. Only the most eagle-eyed will spot the large country house nestling in the hills where, presumably, the hunting party will end up. There is also a river in the far distance but whether this is the Frome or the Piddle is anyone's guess!

William Hodges was a local artist from the south of England but it is the skill of Alken and Reeves that make this such an appealing print.