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Beauvarlet Esther Ahasuerus

Jacques Firmin Beauvarlet after Jean Francois de Troy

[Meal Given to Esther by Ahasuerus and Haman.]

31 x 24 inches

An exceptionally fine etching, proof before all letters, by Beauvarlet after de Troy; published in Paris circa 1775.

In this magnificent scene we are witnessing the moment at which the Persian King Ahasuerus is proposing to Esther, the beautiful and beguiling Jewess. He has prepared a fabulous banquet with which to impress her and they appear to be eating their way through a large plate of figs, washed down with fine wine. There are maids and manservants surrounding the table all bringing further treats with which to woo the guest.

As we know from the Book of Esther in the Old Testament the man seated to the king's left is up to no good. Haman, his chief advisor, is planning a massacre of all the Jewish people living in the Persian Empire. It is Esther and her cousin, Mordecai, who persuade Ahasuerus to cancel the campaign and save her brethren.


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