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Bigg: Sunshine and RainBigg: Sunshine and Rain

John OGBORNE after William Bigg

Sunshine [&] Rain

16 x 19 inches

A pair of colour printed stipple plate engravings by John Ogborne after the paintings by William Bigg, published in London in 1792. In original hand carved frames and glass.

These charming prints depict a young country girl coming to terms with the vagaries of the English climate. In "Rain" she is seen rushing home through the fields as the storm clouds gather overhead. Rain lashes down as she clutches her puppy close to her chest keeping him dry under her bonnet. In "Sunshine" she is depicted having a well-earned rest in the afternoon sun after a busy session of blackberry picking. Her kitten nestles in the folds of her apron and looks playfully up at a butterfly that has just entered the bower. John Ogborne (1755-1837) was an accomplished stipple engraver who studied under the great Francesco Bartolozzi and went on to engrave many decorative prints after his contemporaries. William Bigg, along with fellow artist George Morland, encapsulated the rural idyll of late Georgian England and produced a magnificent oeuvre of material that revels in the romanticised view of life in the countryside. At a time when France was in the grips of revolution and violent change, the English became ever more protective of a rustic tradition that was perceived by many to underpin the country's social and political stability. If the countryside was at peace there would be no threat to the constitution. Looking at these bucolic scenes it is hard to imagine that across the Channel French society was faced with mass insurrection, torture and intimidation.


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