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Dequevauviller Concert

Francois Dequevauviller after Nicolas Lafrensen

L'Assemblee au Concert
Dedie a Son Serenissime Mademoiselle de Conde

19 x 16 inches

A charming copper plate engraving by Francois Dequevauviller after Nicolas Lafrensen; published in Paris circa 1810.

Dequevauviller (1745-1807) engraved this wonderfully detailed print after the gouache painting by the Swedish artist, Nicolas Lafrensen who was active in Paris during the 1780s. Although the engraving was originally published in 1783-4 this impression is printed on wove paper and dates from circa 1810.

This print gives us a fascinating insight into late C18th Parisian society in the years immediately before the French Revolution of 1789. It depicts a musical soiree at the fashionable home of Mademoiselle Conde. A musical trio play upon the flute and violin accompanying two ladies who sing and play at the piano. The vignette is also compelling for its depiction of Eighteenth Century French interiors. Tall fluted columns dominate the room with classical statues adding majesty to the left and right. Boucher style paintings decorate the spaces above the doors and the ceiling is finished with cherubs and garlands. To the left of the scene a gentleman asks for silence from the audience as the musicians finish tuning their instruments.


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