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Nugent: Fetching Water

Thomas Nugent after John Hoppner

Fetching Water.

23 x 31 inches

A colour printed stipple plate engraving by Thomas Nugent after the painting by John Hoppner RA; published in London in 1804.

The lady depicted in this print is the famous opera singer, Elizabeth Linley, the wife of Thomas Sheridan the playwright and politician. She is down at the stream collecting water with her son on her back. Thomas Nugent is thought to have been born in Ireland around 1765 and came to work in London towards the end of the eighteenth century. John Hoppner (1758-1810) was a portrait painter of the late eighteenth century born in England of German parentage. He was considered a credible rival to Thomas Lawrence and his composition is heavily influenced by Gainsborough and Reynolds.


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