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Probst Prodigal Son
Probst Prodigal Son
Probst Prodigal Son
Probst Prodigal Son
Probst Prodigal Son
Probst Prodigal Son

Georg Balthazar Probst

[The Prodigal Son]

1. Filius Deperditus Cum Patre Bona Dividens
2. Vale Filii Deperditi
3. Gaudium Patris Propter Filium Inventum
4. Filius Deperditus Subulcus
5. Filius Deperditus Rovertitur Ad Patrem Petens Veniam
6. Filius Deperditus Inter Scorta

17 x 12.5 inches

A magnificent set of six, unusually large, copper plate engravings in crisp, original hand colour; published in Bassano, Italy, circa 1784.

These are a scarce set of prints with titles in both Latin and Spanish, published by Giuseppe Remondini in Italy and intended for distribution throughout the capital cities of Europe. Georg Balthazar Probst (1732-1801) was a prolific engraver and print publisher based in Augsburg. His oeuvre included views of all the major towns and cities of Europe along with numerous decorative and allegorical scenes. His work is characterised by fabulous perspective, often vivid colour and a charming attention to detail. In this series he retells the familiar and much-loved story of The Prodigal Son set in opulent C18th surroundings with the characters in full Georgian costume. We follow the hapless younger son as he demands his inheritance early, sets off to live the life of Riley before squandering it all on wine women and song. Destitute and humbled, he returns to his father's house where he is welcomed with open arms. The morality of the tale would not have been lost on its C18th audience and these prints proved immensely popular as decoration for the home.

Set of 6
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