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Sayer: Four Seasons
Sayer: Four SeasonsSayer: Four Seasons
Sayer: Four SeasonsSayer: Four Seasons

Robert Sayer.

The Four Seasons.


45 x 17 inches.

Robert Sayer was a prolific London publisher whose business flourished during the mid to late eighteenth century. His prints, usually executed in mezzotint and always of the finest quality, cover every popular subject from decorative and caricature through to sporting and topographical. Many of the prints published do not bear the name of either the artist or the engraver.

In this charming set the seasons are personified by courting couples set amidst a rural landscape. In Spring a young beau presents his lover with a birds nest whilst a hand maiden offers her a garland of spring flowers. In Summer the young man is leading his lover into the hay field for a romantic assignation but unbeknown to him the girl's chaperone is peeping out from behind the bushes. By Autumn the courting couple can be seen resting in the woods; she offers him a pineapple while he looks longingly at the ripe fruits gathered in her lap. Finally we come to the Winter scene where our lovers wander past a skating pond; he brandishes a cane whilst she keeps warm inside an impressive muff.

Set of 4
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