Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Dance Robert Harland

Richard Earlom after Nathaniel Dance.

Sir Robert Harland Bart. Vice Admiral of the Red.

13¾ x 20 inches

Sir Robert Harland (1715-1784) spent much of his life at sea fighting the foe wherever British interests were at stake: from the Dutch coast through the Mediterranean and out to the Indian Ocean and beyond. He rose assiduously through the ranks and in 1778 when this portrait was painted by Nathaniel Dance we see him in his early 60s having returned from a stint in the East Indies and rewarded with a Vice Admiralship. Active life at sea was by and large over at this stage, perhaps just as well considering the size of his girth! What is also of note is the intricate stitching and appliqué employed throughout his attire, reminding us that fanciful embroidery was not solely the preserve of the ladies. The posthumous nature of the print reminds us that not everybody merited a mezzotint during their lifetime, some had to wait for such recognition.


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