Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Kettle Anthony Hamilton

Robert Dunkarton after Tilly Kettle.

Anthony Hamilton Archdeacon of Colchester, Vicar of St. Martin's in the Fields and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty

13½ x 19¾ inches

Representing the church and standing up for younger siblings we have Anthony Hamilton (1738-1812) pictured here in full clerical dress and surrounded by books and parchments that leave us in no doubt to his intellect and learning. His father's advantageous marriage, to the wealthy heiress Charlotte Styles, secured the family's fortunes and enabled the young Anthony to attend Harrow and Cambridge before landing a plum position within the Anglican Church. His career took him back and forth between London and Essex but here we see him at its pinnacle as Archdeacon of Colchester, vicar of St. Martin's in the Fields and chaplain to the king. Privilege came with rank and Hamilton enjoyed the fellowship of both The Royal Society and The Society of Antiquaries in addition to comfortable quarters on London's fashionable Savile Row.


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