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Spilsbury George and CharlotteSpilsbury George and Charlotte

Jonathan Spilsbury.

His Most Sacred Majesty George III, King of Great Britain &c
Her Most Excellent Majesty CHARLOTTE Queen of Great Britain &c.

Each 14 x 20".

If you were lucky enough to live in London there's a chance that you might have caught a glimpse of your new king and queen. If, however, you lived in Ludlow or Llandudno the chances of seeing them were well-nigh impossible; hence the importance of prints. The dissemination of printed images was the only way you were likely to have any understanding of what they looked like. This charming pair of portraits by Jonathan Spilsbury shows the royal couple bedding into their reign with an air of serenity and immaculately coiffed hair. It is barely two and a half years since the wedding but Charlotte has already produced an heir and a spare.


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