Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Spilsbury Reynolds Jacobs

Jonathan Spilsbury after Sir Joshua Reynolds

[Miss Jacobs]
This print obtained the highest premium in the year 1761 granted by the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts...

16½ x 23 inches

Miss Jacobs is depicted sitting, facing to the right with her head bent slightly forward. Her hair is gathered on top of her head and she wears pearl necklaces and a robe. Although the sitter was originally unknown this portrait has become associated with Miss Jacobs (or Miss Jacob), a singer, actress and model of the type much loved by Sir Joshua Reynolds, a pupil of Mrs. Crouch who sang in Henry Purcell's Baroque opera, "Dido".

Jonathan Spilsbury was a portrait painter and mezzotint engraver of the mid to late eighteenth century. He worked in London as an engraver but also produced his own paintings; most notably a very fine portrait of Charles Wesley. He was considered to demonstrate great skill in the art of mezzotint and his portrait of Queen Charlotte after McArdell remains one of the most captivating images of the young queen.


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