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Bowles: LondonBowles: LondonBowles: LondonBowles: London

Thomas Bowles.

[Set of Four London Views]

1. The Hospital of Bethlehem
2. A North West View of Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's Church
3. A North West View of the Tower of London
4. Ironmongers Hall with a view of Fenchurch Street

16 x 10 inches.

By the end of the eighteenth century London had become one of the most prosperous, dynamic and exciting cities in the western world. These prints illustrate the pride of a city that was reborn after the Great Fire and the Plague of the late seventeenth century. The years between 1720 and 1770 were to see unprecedented social and economic growth in England and particularly in the capital. This prosperity and stability gave rise to a dramatic expansion of the moneyed and middle classes, all perfect customers for a rapidly expanding print market.

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