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Burnett Waterloo

John Burnet after Atkinson and Devis

To his Royal Highness The Prince Regent, This plate of the Battle of Waterloo on 18th June 1815 is with his gracious permission dedicated by His Royal Highness's most obedient and devoted humble servants, Hurst Robinson and Co.

31¼ x 26¾"

Scarce etching on copper plate; drawn and engraved by Burnet after the painting by Atkinson and Devis. Published in London in 1819.

This rare, large-scale print is a combination of contemporary talent. John Burnet was an accomplished draughtsman and engraver who was born in Scotland but came south to work in London. He was commissioned to reproduce this famous scene from Waterloo originally painted by John Atkinson and Arthur Devis. Atkinson provided the landscape and historical setting whilst Devis added the portraiture. The outcome is a very dramatic and evocative portrayal of the final decisive moments in one of the most famous and important land battles in British history. Wellington can be seen raising his hat in recognition of the capturing of the French Standard whilst Napoleon's troops are shown in disorderly retreat.


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