Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Sluyter Waterloo

D. Sluyter after J. Kamphuyzen

H.D.H. Jorst Blucher van Walstadt en Lord Wellington
Prins van Waterloo

23½ x 19¾"

A colour-printed stipple engraving by Sluyter after Kamphuyzen; published in Amsterdam circa 1815.

This highly decorative print depicts the famous meeting of Prince Blucher, Field Marshall in the Prussian Army, with the Duke of Wellington at La Belle Alliance after the Battle of Waterloo. Wellington sits astride his horse, Copenhagen, and shakes the outstretched hand of Gebhard von Blucher. Blucher had suggested that the victory be named La Belle Alliance in recognition of the combined allied forces that had worked together to overcome the might of Napoleon's army but Wellington suggested nearby Waterloo where he himself had recently been fighting.


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