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Brodtmann Ostrich CassowaryBrodtmann Ostrich Cassowary

Carl Brodtmann

Der Africanishe Straus and Der Casuar ~
[The Ostrich & The Cassowary]

14 x 17 inches

A pair of hand coloured lithographs by Carl Joseph Brodtmann, published in Zurich in the 1830's.

These illustrations come from Brodtmann's famous work entitled "Natural History Picture Gallery of the Animal Kingdom", published in Switzerland in the 1830's. Brodtmann is one of the most accomplished and talented lithographers to have worked in Switzerland at the time. His animals and birds exhibit great charm and typify the craze for natural history that swept across Europe in the nineteenth century.

The Ostrich and the Cassowary are, of course, two of the world's largest flightless birds.

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