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Redoute: BotanicalsRedoute: Botanicals

Pierre Joseph Redoute.

Gloxinia. [&] Primula.

18.5 x 20 inches

A charming pair of colour printed stipple engravings of flowers by Redouté from Choix des Plus Belles Fleurs, published in Paris 1827-33.

Pierre-Joseph Redouté is perhaps the best known and most highly regarded of all flower painters. It is probable that Redouté learnt the method of stipple engraving from its originator Bartolozzi whilst in England, and may be credited with the introduction of this new process to France. By working directly onto the plate without the use of a ground, extremely delicate modelling and gradation of tone can be achieved. The complex printing process was, rather than being employed for economy or efficiency, used in order to achieve a subtle luminosity.

During his career as a painter Redouté held positions at both the Academy of Sciences and the Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris. Redouté also found patronage from the highest quarters of French society and, by the end of his life, could boast an impressive list of former pupils that included two Queens and two French Empresses.

Choix des Plus Belles Fleurs first appeared in 1827 and is regarded by many as the zenith of Redouté’s achievement. Whilst much of Redouté’s earlier work was intended to be botanical, this volume was without appreciable text and, as its name indicates, acted simply as a selection of Redouté’s favourite flowers and fruits.

£1200 Pair

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