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Turner GamebirdsTurner Gamebirds

Charles Turner

Snipes [&] Woodcocks

26 x 24 inches

These charming images depict pairs of game birds in rustic settings. In the Snipe plate one bird is quietly preening itself in the reeds oblivious to the perilous descent of its companion, in full flight and about to crash land nearby. The Woodcocks represent an altogether more companionable piece as they potter through the reeds together and dipping their magnificent beaks into the stream.

Charles Turner (1773-1857) was born in Oxford but was soon enticed up to London where he became a pupil at the schools of the Royal Academy. He went on to produce over 900 plates including over 600 portraits. He was, without doubt, one of the most eminent and prolific mezzotint engravers of his day with subjects ranging from portraiture through to military, marine and sporting. From 1812 onwards he became mezzotint engraver to the King and in 1828 he was elected Associate Engraver of the Royal Academy.

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