Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Laurie Mattocks

Robert Laurie after William Dighton.

Mrs. Mattocks.

4.5 x 6 inches

A charming little mezzotint by Robert Laurie after William Dighton, published in London in 1780.

This saucy little droll has been artfully executed to entice the viewer. Mrs. Mattocks protrudes from an oval frame within a rectangular setting and her ample bosoms are barely contained within the fabric of her dress. This is, without doubt, a print designed to titillate!

Isabella Mattocks (1746-1826) was an actress and singer who was successful upon the London stage almost without interruption throughout the latter half of the C18th. She joined a troupe called The Covent Garden Company of Actors and was rarely out of work. Her legions of fans would have enjoyed buying a print such as this as a memento of their evening at the theatre. The mandolin, theatrical mask and sheet music beneath her portrait illude to her profession and it is a testament to her notoriety that she was deemed worthy of a mezzotint by Messers Laurie and Dighton.


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