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Kleiner: Vienna


Florentis et Neo Auctae Viennae Austriae Continuatio seu Vera et Accurata Repraesentatio

A series of copper plate engravings depicting the principal buildings and gardens of Vienna when the city was at its most splendid, at the height of the Baroque. These prints were published in Vienna in 1737 and are particularly fine, early impressions.

Salomon Kleiner was born in Augsburg in 1703 and died in Vienna after a successful career in 1761. He is one of the most highly respected and famous German, veduta draughtsmen and engravers of the eighteenth century. Upon arrival in Vienna he trained under Johann August Corvinus and would later collaborate with Corvinus over the publication of his engravings. His work is highly sought after, due to the precise way in which he reproduced the buildings and gardens that typified the Baroque era in Austria and southern Germany. These views are excellent examples of his meticulous and decorative work.

Set of six, Framed

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