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Dixon Rembrandt Framemaker

John Dixon after Rembrandt.

Rembrandt's Frame Maker.

22.5 x 27 inches

A half-length mezzotint portrait done from the original painting in the collection of the Duke of Ancaster. Engraved on copperplate by Dixon after Rembrandt and published in London in 1769.

The painting from which this print was originally taken was done in 1640 but the print dates from over 100 years later in 1769. It was published by John Wesson in London's Soho and commissioned by the painting's owner, The Duke of Ancaster. In seventeenth century Amsterdam there cannot have been a better framing contract than the one to frame Rembrandt's extraordinary canvases. The artist would have held his frame maker in high esteem and this portrait depicts a highly skilled artisan with noble features and an intelligent gaze. The white ruff around his neck is in stark contrast to the deep black of his tunic that disappears as it blends into the background. It is an astonishingly accomplished mezzotint done by John Dixon whose talent as an engraver is indisputable.


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