Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
McArdell Reynolds Fortescue

James McArdell after Sir Joshua Reynolds.

Lady Fortescue.

10 x 14 inches

A three-quarter length portrait of Lady Anne Fortescue by McArdell after Reynolds; published in London in 1757.

Anne Calder was born in 1730 and, unlike many of her contemporaries, lived into her 80s only dying in Wimpole Street in 1812. As such she very nearly spanned the entire reigns of both George II and George III. She is depicted here, aged 27, soon after her marriage to the Baron Fortescue. The painting was commissioned by the baron and there appears to have been much debate between Reynolds and the Fortescues during its execution. At one point the painting was handed over to McArdell for engraving but then had to be returned for further alterations. Sadly the canvas was destroyed by fire at Castle Hill in Devon in 1934 so this print is the only record we have.


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