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Redington Theatre

John Redington

Actors in Classical Character.

12 x 14 inches

Twelve copper plate engravings with vivid original hand colour published by John Redington at his Theatrical Print Warehouse in Hoxton Old Town, London, in 1852.

A group of twelve delightful theatrical prints, designed to be cut out and pasted on card for use in toy theatres. They epitomise the mid-nineteenth century craze for toy theatres that dominated the nurseries of Victorian England and led to the establishment of specialised shops to meet the demand. Chief amongst these was John Redington's Theatrical Warehouse, which initially dealt in portraits from the Britannia Theatre or The Old Brit as it was affectionately known. As the business developed he branched out to include a greater variety of theatrical images.

Benjamin Pollock was a regular customer at the Warehouse, initially attracted by the prints but latterly by Redington's daughter, Eliza, whom he married in 1876, two years after Redington's death. Assisted by Eliza, Pollock continued the business for the next 60 years and his theatrical shop still operates in Covent Garden to this day.

Group of 12
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