Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Smith Danloux Duncan

J. R. Smith after Danloux

Adam, Lord Duncan

22 x 29 inches

A full-length portrait of Lord Duncan on the deck of a ship, reclining against a gun carriage and looking towards the right. Dressed in naval uniform with an officer towards left speaking through trumpet and marines firing in background.

Lord Duncan was born in 1731. He was captain of the Valient under Keppel and took part in the reduction of Belleisle in 1761 and Havana in 1762. He was a member of the court martial against Keppel and took a strong position in defending him against the unfair treatment of the court. He was later appointed to the Monarch and sailed with Rodney's squadron for the relief of Gibraltar. He also played an active part in the action off St. Vincent. He succeeded Sir John Jervis as commander of the Foudroyant, was appointed Vice Admiral in 1793 and then Admiral in 1795. After his services against the Dutch in the North Sea and his great victory at Camperdown he was raised to the peerage under the title Baron Duncan of Lundie and Viscount Duncan of Camperdown. He died in 1804.

Smith's engravings count amongst the most admired examples of mezzotint. He published after his own designs but also after other artists and engravers. Smith had a reputation for his agreeable manners and his willingness to share his knowledge of art.


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