Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Belch William IV Queen Adelaide

W. Belch

The King and Queen's first entry into Brighton through the Royal Arch. August 30, 1830.

17 x 13 inches

A charming, albeit crude, hand coloured etching published by W. Belch in London in 1830.

In this exuberant scene we witness the royal visit of the new King William IV and his consort, Queen Adelaide, as they visit Brighton on the south coast. A fabulous and huge, floral arch has been erected and decorated in their honour. Flags are at full mast, cheering crowds throng the streets and the king raises his hat in tribute. Through the arch we see the domes of Brighton Pavilion which became notorious for debauchery under the reign of William's brother King George IV. William had visited Brighton many times as The Duke of Clarence but this print celebrates his first official visit as monarch. This print would have been hurriedly produced as a fitting souvenir for such a prestigious day.


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